Arlington Place is proud to support the Arapahoe 4H Triathlon Team by providing space for practice. The team has grown from 6 to 32 members, ranging in age from 7-16. Practice takes place from the end of March until September at Arlington Place, every Sunday (4:00-5:15pm) and Tuesday (5:30-6:30pm). All ages are welcome from Pamlico, Craven, and Carteret counties.

Coach Gordon Carberry has been with the team since the beginning and recognizes Arlington Place as a big factor in the team’s success: “We are very grateful to Arlington Place for allowing us to practice in their neighborhood. It’s been a wonderful, safe place for the kids to swim, ride bikes, and race. Arlington Place is such a welcome addition to the county and we’re thankful that they are working so hard to be an important part of our local community.”