Pamlico Community College, just a few miles from Arlington Place, was ranked #3 out of 821 community colleges in the country…….so impressive! PCC_slide_thirdinUS_2016_8_25PCC’s President Dr. Jim Ross called their college “the great secret in higher education”…..“What you find here are people who really care about students’……“You can go to a community college and get the same level of outstanding education.”  And now they have the (well deserved) honor’s to prove it.  Congrats to the hardworking team at PCC!PCC_slide_1Community colleges are becoming a popular choice, whether you’re a parent wanting to get ahead in your field, or a high school grad wanting to get that first two years of college under your belt for a fraction of the cost, community colleges are often the best option. With the 3rd best just down the street, Arlington Place is a great place to live…..and learn!