The LONG bridge that connects the top neighborhood with the riverfront area is complete!  Well, almost complete, they were finishing up the sanding on the top rail so I couldn’t quite get the “money shot”…..stay tuned for more pictures.  The bridge has trails on either side which add to the new and existing trail system throughout Arlington Place.  We plan to put up new signage and trail markers, but if you’re looking for it now, you can find one entrance down Willow Cove Lane between lots 77 & 78 and the entrance on the river side is off Palm Court between lots 196 & 197.  AND Cahoon and crew started on another 1700′ trail this week!  If you’re in town this weekend for the Oriental Boat Show, do yourself a favor and take the quick drive to Arlington Place to see our growing neighborhood!

IMG_20160406_123949874 IMG_20160406_125213470_HDR