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The Halls are here and they’re here in style on their new boat, Magic Carpet Ride!  Pete and Karen are officially retired and officially have two homes, one on the land and one on the water……each with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and cool features that will make it feel like home no matter where they are.  They’re moving in full time to the Pamlico Cottage here in Arlington Place and their second home just docked in Oriental…..or wait, is the Pamlico Cottage their second home and the boat their primary??  I guess it can’t hurt to have options….especially options like those!  We’re all very excited to finally have them as neighbors, even if it is just in between their exciting excursions on the Magic Carpet Ride.  So welcome to retirement, welcome to the neighborhood, and welcome to the waterfront lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to make your reality!

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