The wide waters of the Neuse and the warm waters of the local creeks once again prove to be one of the top fisheries on the East Coast.  Much to Blair’s delight, this summer’s fishing trips have definitely been justified and the proof is on our dinner table!  Blair likes to call this ‘Living off the Land’.  We have been catching dozens of crabs every week and were excited to find another couple dozen in our pots this morning, all ‘Jimmys with rusty bellies’ which translates to ‘large crabs full of sweet meat’.  And along with the Trout bite already picking up, doormat Flounder have been hanging on the river’s bottom, Blair and the Zillioux men caught 15 the other day…..gotta love a full moon!  The big boys that just swam into town are the monster Red Drum with a couple 40+ inchers landed this morning, pretty work Bill.  Not to mention the Oriental shrimp trawlers that have been have been blessed with full nets lately.  It’s an exciting time of year for those that have a love of fishing and those that have a love of eating!