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There’s no better place to experience nature than right outside your back door!  With the beautiful weather we have been having lately, I’ve had a hard time staying indoors.  It sounds like the wildlife are just as happy as I am about the sun shining and warm breezes – the birds are singing in the morning and crickets chirping at night.  There’s a new creature to discover around every turn in our neighborhood.  We have deer, rabbits, turtles, otters, eagles, hawks, herons, cranes, black bear, frogs, ducks, shrimp, pelicans, osprey, crabs and of course countless types of fish.  Does one’s soul good to be in such a natural setting.  And did you know….not only is nature good for the soul, it’s also good for your health!  Studies show that being outdoors increases your vitamin D intake and even your quality of sleep.  Being outdoors can also help clear your mind and get all those stressful thoughts out of your head.  Add that to the many reasons you should come visit us here at Arlington Place. So grab a kayak, power up the boat, lace up your shoes, dust off the bike, jump on your golf cart and get going!  Okay, enough work for today, I’m taking a bike ride down to the river. Hope to see you soon!