The April Owner Spotlight is on David Fudala. David and his wife Martha, 13 year old step daughter Sophia, and two year old son Oliver currently live in Carlsbad, CA. We are all of course looking forward to the Fudala family making their way back to the East Coast and building their dream home on the Neuse River!

David’s a pretty high tech guy. He’s a mechanical engineer and the CEO of ALLFLAT, a concrete leveling company that has offices around the world. His partner in the UK invented a new product called FloodSax and David is the US distributor for this product, most easily described as ‘Sandless Sandbags’. You have to check out this video of David with The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams…

Can’t see the video? Click here to view it on YouTube.

David also got to showcase FloodSax at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando last week. Jim Cantore took one from him at the show and explained how they work on TWC that evening…what a plug!

Luckily, Arlington Place won’t have a use for FloodSax with our 25 foot elevations, but you can imagine the number of people around the world who could use FloodSax to protect their homes from rising waters. Congrats David on all of your successes and let us know when you get a chance to visit…I’m sure there’s a monster Flounder in the Neuse with your name on it!