Hurricane Sandy has come and (almost) gone without incedent in our neighborhood.  No structural damage, no down trees (on 1000 acres) and no flooding to report.  Water levels did rise a couple of feet, almost to the top of our new docks, but the water is now receding so we are in the clear. Once again ELEVATION APPRECIATION is in full effect.  If you’re going to live on the coast, smart money says to pick an elevated area.  The elevations in Arlington Place are 25 feet above sea level, extremely unique for coastal Carolina.  A word to the wise…..Real Estate 101: the best time to shop for real estate is after a storm! 

Unfortunately, our beloved Outer Banks isn’t fairing as well.  We continue to hear updates and see pictures of flooding with piers, boats, dunes and even homes falling victim to the massive ocean waves.  Highway 12 and some bridges are in serious trouble, and the damage reports are still coming in.  We are thinking about folks on the sound and hoping that the water doesn’t come rushing back in, threatening more homes.  Stay safe Outer Bankers!

As the skies get brighter and the winds die down, we once again consider ourselves lucky.  We hope that our friends to the North escape Sandy unharmed.  Everyone up there hunker down and be safe, Sandy is one nasty lady!