Yes, I know it’s 70 degrees out today, but old man winter has knocked on our door a couple of times already this year and he’s inevitably right around the corner.  Good news is, the action doesn’t stop when the weather cools down!  Along with year round fishing, hunting is serious business here in Pamlico County, I guess you could call it a local tradition.  Right now, we’re in the middle of deer season with duck season soon to follow.  This area is basically woods, fields and water…prime territory for wildlife.  There are plenty of big bucks to go around and we’ve had a rebound of the duck population over the last couple of years.  And for visiting huntsman, there are hunt clubs and charters.

Even though I don’t hunt, I’ve been the lucky recipient of some delicious fresh meat.  Some people are turned off by venison and duck because they think they’re too gamy….and some of it is.  But hang out with the right crowd and they’ll tell you that every good hunter has Dale’s marinade stockpiled in their pantries.  The best recipe we’ve found for venison back strap and duck breast: marinate in Dale’s, split in 1/2 and stuff with cream cheese and diced banana and jalapeno peppers, wrap the whole thing in bacon (a necessity with lean meat…or at least that’s how I justify eating bacon) and throw it on the grill.

So set your alarms and break out the camo….it’s going to be another eventful season!