April – Did you know that Arlington Place’s parent company, Boddie Noell Enterprises (BNE), is much more than a real estate company?  BNE is actually one of the nation’s largest privately held companies (as well as one of the nation’s most delicious).  Today, BNE employs more than 12,500 people……quite an achievement considering their humble beginnings in 1962.   Along with BNE Land and Development, other BNE brands include Hardees (almost 350 locations!), Moe’s Southwest Grill, Cafe Carolina & Bakery, The Highway Diner, Texas Steakhouse & Saloon and Rose Hill Conference Center.


Boddie Noell’s motto is “We Believe in People” and those of us who work for BNE have seen that motto ring true time and time again.  Their website (www.BNEInc.com) says it best, ‘Our motto is actually more than a motto. For us, it’s a way of life, a commitment to the high standard of service and care we give our customers and employees.  A lot of companies say that, of course. But we’re not like most companies. We’re a family business—a second-generation family business, in fact, with an unbreakable commitment to each other.  So we don’t see people as commodities. We see people as people, human beings, each with his or her own talents and potential, which is why we foster a caring work environment where people can do what they do best, achieve what they want to achieve, and become even better people in the process. That is, after all, what a real family does.’

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