January – Arlington Place is located in the middle of many unique and vibrant towns, all of which have interesting stories to tell that have undoubtedly shaped Eastern Carolina……and in some cases, our country.

As our neighboring town, New Bern, celebrates it’s 300th birthday throughout 2010, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the past that makes this waterfront town so historically rich.

Fun fact for January – did you know that New Bern, NC is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola?  There’s actually a ‘Birthplace of Pepsi’ store in downtown New Bern, which happens to be the same site of the pharmacy where the popular beverage was invented in 1898 –  Be sure to visit the many unique shops and delicious restaurants in downtown New Bern on your next trip to the area….and stop by Arlington Place to say hello while you’re at it! pepsi21