As many of you know, we’ve had a new roommate at the office for the last couple of months. Jana rescued a baby duck from the Hilton Marina that had lost its way. We named him “Ducky” for obvious reasons, and he made himself right at home. Ducky was quite vocal at times always letting us know his feelings on the subject. He loved taking walks with us to the mailbox, and he learned to swim and catch bugs in Arlington Place’s ponds.

All grown up now after his time with us, we knew it was time for him to leave the nest, and so Ducky was released last week into his new home at a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Though he will be missed, we know he’s enjoying his new life in the wild. And we’re all curious to see the next animal that Jana brings in to nurse back to health—life is always interesting at Arlington Place!

Before and after pictures below:

Pictures by Kathy Enzerink