100_8413Now this is Carolina fishing at it’s finest!  The Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament just started and already has two HUGE fish on the books.  Just 11 minutes after the start of the tournament, the Eye Catcher hooked and reeled in a 606.9lb blue marlin in just 46 minutes!

And crowd at the Morehead City waterfront docks was all a buzz with excitement yesterday at the Big Rock weigh ins.  We got word that the crew on The Inspiration had landed a huge blue marlin were heading to the weigh station.  The rumor was true and they did not disappoint as we anxiously watched them hoist up a 754 pound monster marlin which puts them in first place….for now.  Even though the tournament draws in boats and anglers from all over the world, it’s the local boys on the Inspiration that sit on top of the leaderboard!  We hope they stay there but would love to see more boats get in on the action and capture a piece of the $1.3 million purse!

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