Huge drum are still hanging out in our local waters and cooler weather and water mean that the larger trout have arrived.  Blair and Corey caught drum yesterday up to 49″ despite a minor setback of Blair almost cutting off his thumb, which he of course blamed on Corey’s dull filet knife 🙂  Good thing Corey’s wife, Ashley, is a PA and knew just what to do!  They really are coming in quite handy as neighbors.  And the word on the street is that keeper trout are right off the shores of Arlington Place.  Our friend Berry had quite an eventful outing on the Neuse catching 40+ the other day.  Flounder are still here too.  A couple of days ago, we were hanging on the riverfront beach, and the guys were catching flounder with their bare hands….true story.  There were hundreds of them in just inches of water.  Never seen anything like it.  Since these guys keep on bringing home dinner, I’ve been testing out some fish recipes.  I’ll have to remember to share the good ones soon!