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The water is heating up and so is the fishing!  It was a “Fintastic” day to go off-shore fishing with Captain Dicky and first mate Jack on the Fintastic sport fishing boat docked and running out of Oregon Inlet on the Outer Banks.  I reeled in my
first tuna and we all caught mahi-mahi….even hooked up to a Big Eye tuna but it got off the line.  Jack said that it was just a little on though “only a hundred pounder”!  And then we ate like kings for a week….tuna sashimi, sesame seared 1374840_10201359025150943_1939241199_ntuna, grilled Mahi and tuna, fish salad, fish cakes, smoked tuna dip, blackened mahi sandwhiches….why do I feel like Bubba Gump right now??

And the big blue crabs are back in our river, sounds and creeks!  We steamed up the first ones of the season last night and they’ve never tasted better.  Dip of choice for crabs in our house: melted butter, apple cider vinegar and Old Bay.  Sounds weird but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it….and a margarita on the side doesn’t hurt either 🙂  Fingers crossed for a Father’s Day crab feast again tomorrow!