IMG_20150628_191815728_HDROur very own Gus Lang get’s TOP DOG honors as the Pet of the Month on the local’s favorite website,  Yes, we may be slightly obsessed and totally biased, but we think this prestigious title is well deserved!  
“Put aside your ideas of a Type A personality being a necessity for upper management, and consider Gus. When he does hunt, he is more of a catch-and-release kind of guy. He’s a dreamer — a very physically active dreamer — but a dreamer nonetheless. And he defies pigeonholing – he’s a Retriever who won’t retrieve. Yet, Gus has managed to work his way in to upper management at Arlington Place. As one of the first to greet visitors to Arlington Place, Gus is a firm believer in Management by Walking Around. His domain is the 1,000 acres of the growing community on Hwy 306 between Arapahoe and Minnesott Beach where he lives with Becca and Blair Lang, agents on site. From the homes and cottages to the Neuse riverfront and woods, Gus patrols it all. For showing alternative ways to become Top Dog, Gus is Mr. November – The Pet of the Month“……..


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……..”With so much territory to explore in his waking hours, it seems Gus has a dog’s dream life already. Who knew that to give him a yard, he the would rule all that acreage? That he did it with demonstrated intelligence, wisdom, gentility and most important, skills in customer relations, makes Gus, Mr. November Pet of the Month.” 

19841Thank you Ben Casey and for sure an awesome article!