megalodon2Blair has found his fair share ‘treasures’ on the Arlington Place riverfront over the last few years, but today’s find trumps all others!  The river was crystal clear today and he looked in a place that he’s looked a hundred times before and saw a huge Megalodon shark’s tooth right there on the riverbank.  He even took a picture of it in the water to document the find (below).  The tooth is so big that barely fits in the palm of your hand….so just imagine how big the shark was!

The history of the Megalodon shark is pretty interesting and definitely a bit scary.  Millions of years ago when ocean waters covered the area, Megalodon sharks were the most powerful predator, ruled the ocean, and grew to lengths up to almost 60 feet long!  Needless to say, we’re all very thankful that these mega-sharks are extinct and are long gone from the Neuse River!

megalodon4-001        megalodon