The votes are in and Beaufort is officially The 2012 Coolest Small Town in America!  But so is Hammondsport, NY….it’s a tie!  “Beaufort and Hammondsport had been locked in fierce battle for much of the month-long vote, seesawing back and forth for the top spot. In the final hours of online voting, the traffic was so intense that it crashed the website. The site had been programmed to cut off voting at the stroke of midnight and declare a winner, and at precisely 12 a.m. it did—picking Beaufort, which was technically ahead by a few votes at that time. However, since voters in several parts of the country had been locked out due to the site crash, editors decided it was impossible to determine which town would have won had all things been equal for all voters. ‘We have to declare a tie.’ In the end, more than 360,000 votes were cast, with Beaufort and Hammondsport receiving 36.2 and 36.0 percent of the vote respectively.” ~

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