For those of us who have kids, we know all to well to expect the unexpected when they open those precious little mouths….especially in public!  Our 2 year old never ceases to amaze me with what she picks up along the way and then repeats at the most opportune times.

IMAG0819It’s always a bonus when you can capture on paper exactly what they’re thinking.  We just received a pile of thank you notes from the second grade class at the Arapahoe Charter School, which is right across the street from Arlington Place.  They had an Easter egg hunt back at our clubhouse a couple of weeks ago.  I am cracking up at these letters and thought I should share some of the quotes:

“….thank you for letting us have our Easter egg hunt in your building.  I would like to live there…..”

“…..we pretended to hatch our eggs by sitting on them….”

“…..I am thankful even though we didn’t get to get in the pool…..” (it was 50 degrees)

“….we had a lot of fun at Arlington Place because we found our eggs there….”

“……we had fun on the playground and rolling down the mountain….” (by mountain I’m assuming they’re talking about the 10 foot berm behind the playground) 🙂

Thanks kids for the thoughtful notes and we hope you make the hunt an annual event!