The July issue of Our State Magazine features the article 100 Foods You Must Eat in 100 Counties.  And on the list, our very own Brantley’s Village Restaurant just down the street from Arington Place.

Don’t Miss: Lemon Meringue Pie – Pat Prescott grew up in rural Grantsboro and knows a thing or two about pies.  The best lemon meringue, she says, comes made by Sylvia Brantley, know as ‘Ms. Sil,’ at Brantley’s Village Restaurant in Oriental.  “It’s the kind of lemon pie where you squeeze the lemons and put it in a homemade pie shell and beat all those egg whites and put them on top so you end up with a pie that’s six inches high.  Ms. Sil’s has nice little brown peaks sticking up from the meringue and you can see the sugar bubbles on it.”


Of course it’s widely known around town that Ms. Sil is the ‘Pie Queen’, but now the word is out.  Seems like magazine after magazine is discovering the food, lifestyle, fun and charm of our little area and is putting it on everyone’s radar.  Can’t keep a good thing quiet for too long!