Look’n Good in the Neighborhood!

RealEstateArt_WEBThe weather is warming up and so are we!  Lot 75…..just closed!  Lot 53…..now under contract!  Lot 61……now under contract!  Lot 284……now under contract!  Outfitter’s Cottage #1……finished next week!  The Loboda “crib”…….starting construction this spring!  Two new model homes……starting this spring/summer!

Could this finally be the tides turning in the market?  We’ve seen quite a shift here at Arlington Place this year, and so far we’re off to a great start and gaining momentum.  We are so excited for the families that will be our soon-to-be neighbors and are looking forward to much continued success for 2013.

Want to see for yourself?  Overnight stays at the cottages are booking up fast so call us with your visit dates and we’ll get you on the calendar!  info@arlingtonplace.com | 800-967-7639 | www.ArlingtonPlace.com