IMG_20150504_190006770_HDRWe cruised around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon on the golf cart, it was sunny and 75 and one of those days where it was literally impossible to stay inside.  Making our rounds to the construction sites in search of “big trucks” (Keegan is obsessed, typical little boy) we came IMG_20150504_132307592across a turtle laying her eggs….you could actually see the egg in the hole she dug out., I was beyond impressed!  After we grilled out in the back yard and ate dinner on the porch, we headed to the riverfront where we passed a flock of turkeys strutting their stuff, then we hunted for shark’s teeth and shells at the beach as the sun set over the Neuse.  It’s cool to think that these are the memories that my kids are growing up with.  People always ask us about the type of neighbors we have here and I’m assuming they’re asking about demographics.  The only commonality between all of us that I can see is that we love where we live and appreciate it….though sometimes it does take a day like this to make you realize just how special a place this is.  My (unsolicited) advice….if you don’t love where you live, then it might just be time to make a move!   Come visit us this summer and see if Arlington Place could become your happy place. #GoInnerBanks