selfserviceLOGOBIG news for our small town: Oriental will be grocery-less no longer!  Arlington Place owner, Billy Flockhart, will be the new owner of the old Walmart Express in Oriental and will be opening up his second Pamlico County Piggly Wiggly…..possibly nicknamed “The Piglet”.  Here’s the scoop from

“Wooohooooo” was Billy Flockhart’s answer when asked if he was having a good afternoon. The owner of the Grantsboro Piggly Wiggly had learned just a while ago that Walmart had accepted his bid for the Walmart store on the edge of Oriental.

Target date for opening the Piggly Wiggly in Oriental is June 1. The building needs a retrofit in order to have a butcher with fresh cut meat for sale. The store will sell gas and as the Walmart did, it will have a pharmacy. But unlike the Grantsboro Pig, no restaurant. “I’m landlocked,” Flockhart says. There’s not enough room.

We’re excited for Billy and well, for all of us really, to have a great place to buy groceries just down the street!  Billy to the rescue!

Side note: Billy has an Outfitter’s Cottage in AP call “All Joy” that is available for rent on  Check out his awesome cottage, CLICK HERE!