ELEVATION APPRECIATION is in full effect from a couple of our new full time residents.  Bill and Cathy Cresswell moved to Arlington Place in July from a part of Pamlico County that has lower elevations.  This is the email that she sent us today:

“Hey, guys!
I was in downtown Oriental yesterday and was totally surprised to find Hodges St. and Factory St. completely flooded.
At our old house, built on a big man-made hill, we would have been monitoring the water rise throughout day and night to see if/when we should move the cars, as the driveway is sometimes partially submerged in a temporary saltwater moat.   We would have been planning our routes, as many of the roads are also under water, just like downtown Oriental.
In AP, neither Bill nor I even realized that a pretty bad Nor’easter was underway.   WOOHOO!!!!

Being surrounded by water definitely has it’s advantages, but it sometimes you sacrifice peace of mind.  Most of the land in Minnesott Beach is on a ridge with average elevations 25 feet above sea level, and we realize how lucky we are every time a Nor’Easter or hurricane blows into town.  The water + elevation combo is few and far between on the Carolina Coast but there is a way to have the best of both worlds….just move to Arlington Place!