We seem to be in the clear.  The clouds have finally parted and the sun even graced us with it’s presence for a couple of minutes.   This underestimated fall storm, now aptly named NorIda, was more intense than many East Coasters had anticipated.    This shot from NOAA was taken at 2:45 this afternoon.


Recognize this house from Nights in Rodanthe?  Richard and Diane seem to be long gone 🙂  Wish I could give credit to this sunrise photographer, but I’m not sure who took it.


The Outer Banks has weathered the storm and almost everyone is still standing.  We hope our friends to the North are spared some of this nasty wind and rain.  Forecast here for the weekend – sunny and mid 60s.  Aaaahhhhhh, back to normal.  Sometimes I think we’re a bit spoiled down here in NC!