The housing market’s worst days seem to be over. New data shows that housing prices have risen now for seven months straight across the nation. And while many people have bought lots during this time, many have also waited and waited to start building.

Why Start Building Now?

Just as the prices of land fluctuates based on supply and demand, so too do building materials. Right now, these costs are still low due to the drop off in construction. Now that the market has turned a corner, demand for construction materials will naturally increase, and thus prices will increase. So too will labor costs, as the demand begins to stretch thin the number of construction companies remaining that survived the downturn.

Now is the Time

Right now, you can still get access to the best craftspeople and construction workers at very competitive prices. As the housing recovery takes off, your selection will decrease in quality while your price will increase. Now, waiting will not only have a bigger price tag due to materials and labor costs increasing, but you may also pay more in hidden charges caused by builders who are less focused on quality and more focused on just getting to the next job. Building now will likely mean better construction quality, with things done right the first time.

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