Glen Schwendy and his wife Rolayne have plans to open Oriental’s first winery this fall.  Glen has been practicing backyard viticulture for the past six years and calls this endeavor “a hobby that has gotten out of hand”.  He has planted 2,300 French and American hybrids — Villard Blanc, Vignoles, Norton, Chardonelles and Concord grapes. And also has plans to also produce blueberry and blackberry wine.

We know how challenging, yet completely rewarding, opening a winery can be from our experience with the recently opened New Kent Winery located at Viniterra, our sister community.  We hope you get a chance to check out both wineries in the near future and wish the Schwendy’s the best of luck in their new venture….looking forward to visiting for a tasting!

New Kent Winery – New Kent, VA (in between Richmond and Williamsburg just off highway 64)winery31