The “trifecta” is officially complete for our resident boaters!  Arlington Place now has a NEIGHBORHOOD BOAT RAMP a way to get your boat in the waterCOMMUNITY DOCKS a place to keep your boat in the water and ON SITE STORAGE a place to keep your boat on dry land.  The challenge of building a boat ramp when you’re dealing with elevations 25 feet above sea level made for an interesting (and evolving) design, but nothing that Cahoon and crew couldn’t handle.  And the end product is a first class amenity that neighbors will enjoy for countless years.  Here’s hoping that happy anglers translates to dinner on the table this fall!

IMG_20161003_185034IMG_20161119_141302986IMG_20161119_141218632 (1)IMG_20161119_141427668

Our community docks right next to the boat ramp:

The not-so-pretty but oh-so-functional on site “toy” storage:IMG_20161119_142101692 (2)

Did we mention the sweet sunset?  Yep, we’re going to need a few more Adirondacks!

IMG_20160929_204651 IMG_20161107_170314209