No complaints from our construction crews that have been loving these 70 degree temps!  Good thing because we have a lot of concrete/landscaping/building scheduled for these next few days (…..weeks…..months) with no end in sight.  When one home is complete, another two begin…..we seem to be multiplying.  Spring has definitely sprung everyone into action around Arlington Place!

Very excited about our newest amenity, a 400′ long boardwalk over the marsh area (we’re about half way across already) that is part of our new trail system that weaves it’s way throughout the neighborhood.  IMG_20160312_124707256_HDR

The Fujimagri Residence on lot 60 is getting a healthy dose of landscaping and other beautifying finishing touches.  Rita, can you see the light?IMG_20160312_125353851

The Willis Residence on lot 74 is ready for sheet-rock and siding.  We love this floorplan so much that we’re going to do a similar (yet different) version of this cottage on homesite 274 soon!IMG_20160312_125141963_HDR

The Carolina Cottage on lot 22 is getting a brick foundation in a pretty taupey color.  Okay, so it doesn’t look like much right now, but we have a vision for this next model home….Southern style meets modern bells & whistles for $289,000!IMG_20160312_125601448

The Lang Residence on lot 293 is ready for the concrete truck on Monday to pour footers (we all know where Keegan will be)IMG_20160312_130140091

ON DECK: the Lore Residence on lot 309, now graded and permitted and anxiously awaiting their foundation crews this week!IMG_20160312_130019741