IMG_20160409_182532275It’s true what they say….spring is a time for growth and transformation.  And in our case, that comes in the form of new construction! New homes are popping up like tulips in Arlington Place.  Lots of sticks, lots of bricks, lots of crews and way too many trucks!

Our evening ritual now includes an after-dinner spin around the neighborhood to check out who got floors, who got walls, who got a roof….new things to see every day.  We pretty much run the gamut of construction stages, from just done to just begun.  Here’s the line up…..

The Fujimagari’s, with pups in tow, have now moved into their beautiful new home on Mill Creek.  Already a winner in our book, this custom show stopper will be in the Parade of Homes this month!

The Willis’s are next up for the big move to Willow Cove Lane.  Porches this week, a must for every Arlington Place home….you have to have somewhere to put the rocking chairs. IMG_20160411_111054522We’re liking what’s happening on lot 22 as the Carolina Cottage gets framed up.  Is that a triple sided wrap around porch I see?  Fixture selections this week got us a bit too excited for the finished product….patience is a virtue that seems to be lacking.IMG_20160411_111756015

Roof time for the Lang house….crews are knocking out what apparently is a crazy complicated roof line.  Sorry about that guys, we just thought the seven dormers looked pretty 🙂IMG_20160411_115914931The Lore’s get floors…..with walls soon to follow (if you’re counting, that makes three rhymes).  Now there’s something to stand on to see those sunsets.  And soon Rose and Glenn, you’ll be watching them from your front porch!IMG_20160411_115832406

How pretty is the brick on the new model home?  A theme has already evolved for the Blisswood Cottage, lovingly named “modern-nautical”.  We couldn’t help it, some of the fixtures were too irresistible.  This years models are the definition of form and function.  I know what you’re thinking….how can the price ONLY be $289,000? IMG_20160411_115605176

So who’s on deck?  The Scanlon’s homesite is now cleared and prepped for construction….more cool homes, more cool people, bring on the hammers!IMG_20160411_111941481

Haven’t been here in a while?  Then you’re long overdue for a visit.

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