Buses full of hundreds of excited campers rolled into town this weekend marking the official start to Summer Camp Season. Arlington Place just happens to be right in the middle of all of the action, literally bordered by Camp Seafarer with Camp Seagull, Camp Caroline and Camp Don Lee right down the road. Coastal waters with steady winds and extensive forested and natural areas make our area an ideal setting for ‘Summer Camp Country’.

Generations have now passed through all of these camps, with alumni sending their own children and grandchildren to share in the same experience they had as children on our beautiful Inner Banks. For more than fifty years, campers have been in the Neuse River learning and mastering all things that float — from sailing to windsurfing and fishing to cruising. And when on land, they keep busy with traditional camp activities such as archery, canoeing, tennis, golf, creative arts and just about anything else you can think when the word ‘fun’ comes to mind.

Arlington Place is thankful to have such wonderful neighbors and has been so proud to be a part of helping to grow camp programs for our local kids. We invite you to discover Arlington Place today, where you’re always in the middle of everything wonderful.