The leaves are turning bright colors, there’s a chill in the evening air, ESPN is on way too much now that the baseball playoffs are overlapping with football…..yep, fall is in full swing!  Carolinians love October for so many reasons, but the memories of yet another amazing summer still linger.  Here are some neighborhood pictures to keep those fun memories alive a little bit longer…..

IMG_20150624_195231930 IMG_20150624_195157100 IMG_20150624_195058544 IMG_20150624_195032625 IMAG1965 11800299_10153444059523418_7073640491546388049_n 11377132_10200555450766320_8001266712924142298_n KIMG0191 IMG_20150919_193238697 IMG_20150629_191808290_HDR-001IMG_20150919_131425 IMG_20150919_184908876_HDR IMG_20150919_192347023 10947189_10153585758573136_314817028145954003_nIMG_20150517_174307435 IMG_20150517_123808442 IMG_20150515_193125356_HDR DSCN0852 IMG_20150627_183115621DSCN0854 _MG_3292