IMG_20160417_102520154-001Back on the water finally, and we weren’t the only ones.  I spy with my little eye…..dolphins and osprey and eagles…OH MY!  A morning cruise down Mill Creek and the Neuse River with calm winds behind us, birds soaring above and lots of things swimming below.

Mill Creek is now dotted with homes and docks.  Fast forward to spring 2017 and I’ll be able to do a blog with EIGHT more creekfront homes!  But for now, here’s a few pics from the water looking up at the Tight Lines Cottage, the 35 North Cottage and kayak dock, the Fujimagari’s home, our new house and the Spadin’s home.  Please excuse Gus the photo-bomber!

IMG_20150727_110333 IMG_20160417_100631714

IMG_20160417_095612125 IMG_20160417_101449374_HDR

IMG_20160417_101253656 IMG_20160417_101338910-001 IMG_20160417_101029142