IMG_20151201_173612893Here’s how the story goes… was a perfect 70 degree November evening with winds so calm and still that you could “hear the wings flapping from the geese that flew overhead” (no detail was spared in a half way decent attempt to explain why he was late for dinner!).  Blair and his buddy were fishing on the riverfront with no bites in sight, but the view sure was nice.  Just when he was about to come home, a big school of Stripers came close to the shore happily feasting on bait fish for dinner.  Little did they know, they were next in line for our dinner table.  With the “best rockfish bite they’ve ever seen here” they were catching fat boys left and right.  Tardiness quickly forgiven when I saw the “haul” and we’ve been eating good ever since!

Here’s our favorite recipe…sounds weird but don’t knock it until you try it!  We were taught this recipe from our family friend Larry….and whatever Larry says, goes.  Maybe that’s because he’s 6’11” or maybe it’s just because he’s a good cook!  Bring a pot of water to a boil and add cup of sugar until dissolved.  Drop in Rockfish chunks and boil until they float.  Scoop them out and drain on paper towels then top with Old Bay and lemon and dip in melted butter.  You’d swear you were eating backfin crab meat or lobster! #DinnerFromYourBackyard #LoveWhereYouLive