Arlington Place

The flow of life is guaranteed only by the flow of water available, and at Arlington Place, that flow is about to get even more pressure with new multi-million-dollar upgrades to the local water system.

According to a recent article in our local newspaper “The County Compass,” the Pamlico County Commissioners have unanimously approved an approximately $4,000,000 budget for major improvements to the water supply and treatment systems for the county’s southwest corner where Arlington Place is located.

Households in the area will see a vast improvement in water pressure with the new upgrades, which include a brand new, dedicated 200,000-gallon water tower in Minnesott Beach. The County Commissioners have concluded that the cost to the county will be negligible, as impact fees from previous development will fund the majority of the improvements.

Life just keeps getting better at Arlington Place. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit, so please come and discover everything this very special community has to offer your family.