18483We sure are some chilly Carolinians this week!  My, my….us Southerners just aren’t used to these frigid temps.  What happened to those lovely 70 degree February days?  This “polar vortex” has most certainly blown in to Eastern NC and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we can’t WAIT for it to blow out and for us to thaw out!  I must admit though, it was kind of pretty driving around and seeing all of the icy trees sparkling like they had diamond leaves….then I got out of the car and the beauty of it all kind of faded.  So for this week at least, we’ll just have to hunker down….light the fireplace, break out the layers, plug in that crock pot and dream about the days (which are hopefully just around the corner) of porch sittin’, boat ridin’ and margarita sippin’!  Yes I admit, we’re total ice wimps and weather snobs but we can’t help it, North Carolina has spoiled us for a very long time 🙂
Picture courtesy of TownDock.net