trout2The waters around Arlington Place have become trout central lately and have made a few of our favorite anglers very happy…..and a bit obsessed.  There seems to be a case of ‘trout fever’ spreading through the neighborhood and it’s earned these guys a few citations.  The biggest trout weighed in at 6.5lbs and was 26″ long!  Bill, Scott and Blair each reeled in a big boy but they’ve also been landing 20+ inchers left and right.  And luckily they’ve landed right on our dinner tables!  Fish fry #3 on tap for tonight.  There’s not much that can top fresh fried trout….except for maybe homemade remoulade and a squeeze of lemon 🙂

When asked where they caught the fish, their clever reply was “right in the corner of the mouth!”  Good luck getting the honey hole info from these guys!

Bill trout        Scott trout        trout1