Summer 2011 015Pete & Karen Hall are our newest neighbors in Arlington Place! They are now the owners of The Pamlico Cottage at 24 Muscadine Court.  Pete & Karen are from Culpeper, Virginia which is the town next to where I grew up….such a small world. When they walked into the cottage it felt like home, so why change a good thing? They ended up buying the house with all of the furnishings…….all they need to bring is a toothbrush!  And we can’t forget about their dogs Toby and Molly which brings the official neighborhood dog count to 11….much to our cat’s dismay (cat count at a disappointing 2 🙂 )

They plan to stay at the cottage half of the time and spend the other half of their time on their boat….what a neat set up, pretty jealous of that lifestyle I must admit!  So the cottage will be their home away from home….or maybe the boat will be their home away from home??  At any rate, we are so happy to have them as neighbors when they’re on dry land!

IMG_1092            IMG_1085

I sure hope these models get finished soon….we’re running out of houses to sell!