We see it all the time and experience it in our own lives, priorities are shifting.  What we really want at the end of the day is a memorable experience, and Arlington Place has been designed with that in mind.  ‘The thrill of the catch, memories in the sun, and special time connecting with family in the great outdoors.’

Urban-Land-InstituteThere was a great article in Urban Land’s June issue about coastal development and how it has evolved over the years.  James Chaffin, the former Chairman of the Urban Land Institute says it best, “The market today does not care about elitism or gated communities.  When you ask people what is important to them, it boils down to the experiences they have, the friends they make, and the way they are treated.  It’s about the institution of community – how you weave together the threads of community.  As community developers, we have to get beyond amenities like golf and tennis and focus on what we can do to foster connectedness.”   So true.

Come visit our community and begin to create memories with your friends and family that last a lifetime.  Call or email to schedule your trip, 800-967-7639, info@arlingtonplace.com.