Scott & Nan Zillioux

A few years ago, after an exhaustive search of coastal communities, we visited Arlington Place for the first time. We quickly realized it was a special place with an exceptional staff. Since then, after many visits, a lot purchase and now as homeowners, that feeling of belonging has only been intensified.

The community at large is so friendly and welcoming; there is a plethora of events and activities as well as opportunities for quiet reflection. Our children, Erin & Matt, love to visit and we feel like we have already made so many wonderful family memories, most of which include being in or on the water.

We are certain we made the right decision to make our home at Arlington Place.

Blair & Becca Lang

The tough decision of relocating from the Outer Banks was made so much easier by taking advantage of all that Arlington Place and the area has to offer. We love the fact that we are able to raise our family in a place that is surrounded by water.

Our daughter Evie and son Keegan have already been on the boat more times than we can count, they’re learning to swim in the pool, have caught their first fish (kind of), have pulled up loaded crabpots, and they go for a bike ride almost every morning and a golf cart ride almost every evening that usually ends up at the how many kids can say that!

Everyone can tell you that we don't sit still on our days off. We are either beach bound, on the boat, playing golf, kayaking, or at the pool. We do eventually wind down, usually rocking on the porch, many times cooking up the 'catch of the day' for dinner.

Joe & Camille Zambito

We were enjoying our condo in Morehead City when we learned about Arlington Place across the Neuse River. When we traveled across the Neuse by Ferry, we immediately fell in love with the natural beauty of the area. Since then, we have set a goal to sell our condo and build on one of two lots at Arlington Place.

In the meantime, we have enjoyed the pool and kayaking on the creek and river. In addition, we have developed relationships with the wonderful staff, and have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful future neighbors who already enjoy all that Arlington Place offers as a coastal community.

We anxiously await the time when we can build and move to our home-away-from-home and share many great times and memories with our family and grandkids.

Ron Batten & Sharon Davis

Living in Raleigh, NC we tend to forget what it is like to slow down and just catch our breath. We needed a quiet get away and man did Arlington Place deliver. We were both in total bliss the entire weekend.

The Pamlico Cottage was beautiful and comfortable. We settled in and felt right at home the whole time. The weekend got off to a great start with dinner at the Toucan Grill and the absolute best Shrimp and Oysters either if us has ever had.

Saturday morning Kayaking on the beautiful Mill Creek was a great adventure where we encountered Baltimore Orioles, King Fishers, Great Blue Herons and the majestic Bald Eagles soaring above our heads. At any moment I was expecting a fish to just jump in my Kayak as they were breaking all around us.

We had lunch at the River front park’s observation deck and walked along the beach area and saw otter prints in the sand. The breeze was cool and steady, just the way we like it. We picked up shells, pieces of drift wood and just took in the serenity and beauty of the mighty Neuse. We biked around and took a dip at the pool.

Sunday mornings boat ride on the Creek was a great finishing touch before we headed back to Raleigh’s traffic noise and busy streets. Ever since we bought the lot we have been on the fence about selling or building.

I don’t know how many times we looked at each other this past weekend and agreed that we would like to build and retire here. Hold us a seat at the Toucan Grill and we hope to see you soon!

Bill & Cathy Cresswell

We had fallen in love with the Oriental area long ago, and knew it was in our retirement plans. We lived for 7-1/2 years in the northern part of the county, on the south shore of the Bay River. It was beautiful, it was a wonderful neighborhood, and it had an elevation of just over 8 feet! Hurricane Irene "gently" told us that we needed to think about moving to higher ground, and when a surprise opportunity to sell our house presented itself, we listened to Irene’s message!

Some things are just meant to be. Since moving to Arlington Place in 2013, we have no worries about which way the wind blows (the Pamlico Sound’s wind-driven tides used to dictate our lives!). We have found AP to be the perfect community.

We can walk or bike for miles without a lot of car traffic. The amenities are fabulous, and the best part is that we have met such wonderful new friends while still maintaining our old activities and friends from all around Pamlico County.

The best advice we can give to newcomers to the Pamlico County area is to consult an elevation map! Flood zones show you that the best place is in the Minnesott Beach area, and in our opinion, the VERY BEST of Minnesott is Arlington Place!”

Chris & Renee Loboda

After just one too many New York winters my wife, Renee, and I decided to move to North Carolina. We decided to look in and around the Minnesott Beach area and used her brother and sister-in-law’s home in Arlington Place as our base of operations.

While we loved their house, we had decided long ago that we could never live in a ‘gated community.’ During our search we looked far and wide and found a few nice properties, but with each one there was just something missing.

It wasn’t till on one of our morning runs through AP that we finally looked at each other and said, ‘I could live here.’ There is a debate as to who said it first, but we have decided that it’s not important just who said it, but that we moved on the decision.

As often is the case, what you are really looking for is right under your nose. Arlington Place had just what we were looking for, beautiful surroundings, a quiet presence, and friendly neighbors (who we met on our very first run).

We were drawn by AP’s close proximity to the water and as people in the health and fitness field, many amenities that will help keep us at the top of our game. If you are someone who would never think of living in a planned community setting we would encourage you to visit Arlington Place and all it has to offer. Like us, your search may be over!