It’s time we bid farewell to 2021 and say hello to 2022! We hope you’ve had a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous year. We’ve been busy here at AP and have welcomed many new faces to the neighborhood. We’re looking forward to sharing all that our wonderful neighborhood and local area has to offer in 2022. Until then, here’s a look back at some of what we did this year.

Happy New Year! 🙂

January | Comfort in the Kitchen

On the winteriest days when you just can’t shake that Northern chill, it’s always nice to return home to classic kitchen comforts.

February | Through the years

Historical aerial imagery of Arlington Place, a riverfront neighborhood located along the Neuse River near Minnesott Beach, North Carolina.

AP is more than our neighborhood, we’ve made it our personal proving grounds. It’s the space where we recharge ourselves and revitalize our personal and professional interests. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to live here. But we’re ecstatic about all the other opportunities that this one has created.

March | Cap’n Dell’s Stories

Young fisherman pointing towards the horizon.

Sometimes the water would be nothing but hot jelly, and you had to get overboard in it. This would separate the men from the boys here – a lot of men lasted only a week, sometimes just a day, at haul netting.

April | Day trip to New Bern

Sun setting behind the central business district in New Bern, NC.

We’d like to think of New Bern as our big sister up the river. It’s an easy 22.3 miles up Hwy. 55 or about a 30 minute ride if you’d prefer to travel by power boat. Either way, once you arrive, you’ll want to make some time to walk around and explore the rich cultural heritage embedded in every block of the central business district.

May | A Summer That Lasts a Lifetime

Arlington Place sits smack dab in the heart of summer camp country, sandwiched in between two of the largest sailing camps in the US.Camp Seagull for boys is 2 miles South and Camp Seafarer for girls is our neighbor across Mill Creek.

June | Fishing around AP

Fishing the waters around Arlington Place.

If you’re brave enough to weather the cold of winter, fish can be caught year-round in these waters.  You can fish from the banks.  You can fish from the bridges.  You can fish from piers.  You can fish from kayaks.  And you can fish from boats. It doesn’t matter where you fish, you have a great chance of making a fishing memory here.

July | More Than a ‘Place’

Mill Creek Kayak Launch Dock behind the Outfitters Center

My wife and I had been debating getting a vacation home, and the debate was always “a beach house, a lake house, or a river house?” I had been looking all over the state of North Carolina for the perfect house, and from the moment we saw Arlington Place and met Becca, the onsite agent, we were sold.

August | Get to know the AP rental cottages

The Black Duck cottage interior, a rental cottage at Arlington Place.

We all need a periodic escape sometimes. A retreat to a safe space that lets us recharge our batteries without disconnecting our lives. Our little cottage revolution has created that space for you and your family and we hope you’ll come enjoy it.

September | Living on the Minnesott Ridge

The Neuse River bluffs near Arlington Place, a riverfront neighborhood located in Minnesott Beach, NC.

The Minnesott Ridge is a ridge of sand 1 mile or less wide, whose seaward face forms part of the Suffolk Scarp between the Pamlico and Neuse Estuaries. The ridge has an altitude of up to 65 feet. It rises 25 to 30 feet above the Talbot surface to the west and 50 feet above the Pamlico surface to the east. The topography of the ridge crest is extremely variable. It may be flat or dune-like with small irregular-shaped depressions.

October | For the Love of Octobers

When we flip the calendar to October, it truly feels like a new beginning.  Autumn is a welcome season on the Carolina Coast as hot summer days wave goodbye and cool nights settle in.  While our friends to the North are trending house-bound, Carolinians step outside to enjoy a tourist-free world without humidity.  Most forecasts have 75 as a high, not a low, and those mid-70 days seem to bring about a renewed sense of spirit.

November | Island Time

Kitchen island inside a house at Arlington Place, a riverfront neighborhood located in the town of Minnesott Beach, Pamlico County NC.

Islands bring our attention to a central focal point in the kitchen, even if they’re not centrally located. We naturally gravitate to islands, especially ones that have bartop height space and stools, they bring people and processes together and provide separation and dedicated space for mingling, prep work and cooking.

Featured Pets

Miss January

In true lab fashion, she’s a woman who knows what she wants… the perfect combo of sassy + sweet.  If you do something that she doesn’t like, she’ll look at you with disapproval then slowly turn her head and give you the cold shoulder until you’ve learned your lesson

Miss & Mister February

Pouncing on bugs in the road during walks is fun!

Miss & Miss March

sophie - pet of the month

I don’t know who leaves them for me but my mom calls it a menhaden kill… she can call it whatever she wants, I call it yummy!

Miss April

Little Emmy Lou is a fixture in the neighborhood dog walking circuit (or people walking circuit depending on how you look at it).  She greets fellow neighbors with a friendly prance and tail wag… and a kiss if you’re lucky.

Mister May

pet of the month - May

Gus holds the title of the 1st dog to move into Arlington Place!  He also holds the occupancy record living in four AP homes, soon to be five.  G is a prominent member of the Lang household and quite possibly the most well behaved.

The June Misters

Hobbies include boat rides, fishing (although I’ve never caught anything), avoiding my brother Rudder. He can be kinda annoying…

Mister November

pet of the month

Special talents include catching snow balls…