If you’ve spent any time onsite you’ll have no doubt noticed that new construction is booming. In fact, as of this writing we have 20, that’s right… TWENTY new homes under construction on homesites 1, 6, 254566, 135, 137, 149, 155, 214, 269, 289, 300, 301, 334, 346, 349, 353379, and 382.

We’ve also added some larger lots all of which are over 10 acres in size! Contact Blair if you’re interested in learning more.

The land to the left of the road is six, 10+ acre parcels that are now available at AP.

But we’re growing more than just high quality custom homes and a beautiful riverfront neighborhood at AP, we’re growing a community of enthusiastic and active neighbors who love to get their hands dirty, working and playing outside. You probably won’t see grass growing under our neighbors feet, but if you need tips on how to green up your lawn there’s no doubt one of them can help you!

Playing pickleball on the AP tennis courts.

So kick back on your front porch with a cold drink and get that rocker rocking while enjoying a look back at some of our most popular articles about “growing up AP.”

Arlington Place homesite 288 front porch.


Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just beginning your journey into the world of plants, Terri’s insights will inspire and empower you to create a garden that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home at Arlington Place but also brings joy and tranquility to your everyday life.

White By The Gate


Brine, seasonings, and cucumbers are all the ingredients you need to make pickles… and while it’s quite simple, there’s still plenty of room for creativity.

Fresh cucumbers sitting on a cutting board ready for canning.


Many people had told me about the wonders of fresh veggies, that they barely resemble their store bought relatives, and boy were they right. One slice of a fresh Cherokee Purple plucked straight from the garden and I was converted. Bring on the maters!

Fresh tomatoes at Paul's Produce Stand.
The flavor of store bought tomatoes can’t compete with fresh ones from the garden or from ones like you see here at Paul’s Produce Stand.


Pamlico County has deep roots in farming. Even though most farms you see are large scale commercial operations there are plenty of people maintaining small food producing plots.

  • Peach <em>Prunus persica</em>
  • Highbush blueberry <em>Vaccinium corymbosum</em>
  • Carolina Jasmine <em>Gelsemium sempervirens</em>
  • Cabbage <em>Brassica oleracea</em>
  • Spearmint <em>Mentha spicata</em>
  • Coriander <em>Coriandrum sativum</em>
  • Oregano <em>Origanum vulgare</em>
  • Parsley <em>Petroselinum crispum</em>
  • Wildflowers blooming in landscaped beds and containers inside AP.
  • Vegetable garden at Arlington Place
  • Tulips blooming in a yard at AP
  • Japanese maple <em>Acer palmatum</em>
  • Aphrodite's phalaenopsis <em>Phalaenopsis aphrodite</em>
  • ap-garden-blog-19
  • Bitter orange <em>Citrus aurantium</em>
  • Dog rose <em>Rosa canina</em>
  • Orchid canna <em>Canna orchioides</em>
  • Southern Indian azalea <em>Rhododendron indicum</em>
  • Callerypear <em>Pyrus calleryana</em>
  • Fresh Tomatoes at Paul's Produce Stand
  • Fresh peaches at Paul's Produce Stand


Apparently tomato pie is a Philly thing, the recipe brought over by Italians who settled in PA.  Then the South took the concept but put a spin on it, adding mayo and lots of cheese, a Southern cook’s favorite ingredients.

tomato pie plants

So whether you’re into canning pickles or playing pickleball, growing a family in a custom built home or tomatos in your garden, our friendly riverfront neighborhood is growing just for you!