Whelp, we’re going on week whatever of our not-so-temporary new normal.  Some might be more resistant to this reality than others, but most are good with taking extra precautions for the sake of remaining corona-free.

In my first covid blog, I had a paragraph titled “this too shall pass”… and while that remains true to a certain extent, as the days drag on with just a dim light at the end of the tunnel, it’s looking like this too shall last.

A whole new set of rules to live by have been introduced into our daily routine, and with that came a whole new vocabulary, our 2020 buzz words.  My favorite of which is the oxymoronic ‘social distancing’.  Social meaning come together and distancing meaning to spread apart… now that’s ‘clearly confusing’.

Though not for everyone, what we do offer in spades is room to spread out where you don’t have to choose between lifestyle and peace of mind.  And given recent events, peace of mind seems to be a growing wish list item for people looking to relocate.

It’s good to be home

In seeing the news stories and talking to my friends and family in Boston and NYC, I was quick to realize that social distancing is way different here in little ol’ Minnesott Beach, NC.  Their urban lives have been completely disrupted and put on hold, whereas most of us have been inconvenienced at best, compared to what they’re dealing with at least.

We are already kind of naturally distanced.  I mean, how many people do I really see in a given day?  I suppose the majority of folks we see in passing… walking dogs, on the boat, on construction sites, on the golf cart… with comfy space cushions between us.  Distanced from family and friends is for sure the worst, but our day to day isn’t too far off course.

The neighborhood we live in is 1,000 acres of freedom bordered by a four mile wide river on one side and a winding Coastal Carolina creek on the other.

Kids whining about being bored?  Send them out the door to romp and roam about.  Shew them away on something with wheels to cruise the neighborhood. Or better yet, let’s all hop on the boat and go.

Go where?  Go wherever!

The river is our highway to unexplored shorelines, waterfront restaurants for dock delivered take-out, local beaches, and so much more.  The sunshine and salt air have a way of quickly restoring your sanity that’s easily lost these days.

It’s not hard to ‘coastal distance’ when you’re on a boat.  Having boats less than six feet apart isn’t recommended anyways, pandemic or not.  They don’t exactly have brakes.

Sunset boat ride home.

Music. It’s good for the soul.

Brant Island Strings performing under the AP gazebo.It seems that creative people gravitate towards the coast, there’s something intangibly inspiring about these little historic towns that dot our coastline.  Artists and musicians have landed in our neighborhood and I am always amazed by their talent.

Two of these great talents are Rick and Ginny Vogt who make up half of the Brant Island Strings band.  They had the idea of a drive-in concert, which was easy to get on board with.

On a picture perfect spring Saturday, they set up shop in the gazebo in the park.  Tailgates and golf carts lined the park and their sweet tunes filled the air.  It was such a fun time, such an escape, and such a creative way to be responsibly social.

Brant Island Strings performing under the AP gazebo. Families enjoying a spring day on the lawn.

Evolving events

Pirate Jam posterOur kick-off to summer tradition is Silopalooza, a day of live music at the Silos in Oriental.  It was moved off dry land this weekend, reinvented as the first annual Pirate Jam.

On the sunny Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we caravaned by boat and a large floating audience anchored up for live music neighbored by everything from yachts to kayaks.

Pirate Jam waterfront concertIt sure made for one happy salty crew.

Oriental took cues from New Bern that hosted a waterfront Bryan Mayer concert on the Trent River.  The drone king Steven Smith, operating My Flying Machine, took some awesome aerial video of the day.

New Bern also closed their downtown streets so restaurants could spill outside for a safe and unique dining experience.  It’s refreshing to see towns banding together in an effort to not only serve their residents, but to also boost their economies made up of these charming small businesses.

The urban appeal?

I grew up in the Virginia countryside and will be the first to admit that city living and this country gal wouldn’t mesh well.  Of course the shopping, restaurants, events, culture & energy of a city have every girl dreaming of being Carrie Bradshaw one day, but my upbringing won’t let me wrap my head around sacrificing open space for conveniences.

Sure it makes sense to live in urban areas for a big city paycheck or to pursue a passion, opportunities that might be few and far between in small towns,  but our professional landscape is changing.  For many, you no longer have to live where you work or work where you live.

Given our restrictive circumstances, working from home is now a viable option.  You can make that same paycheck from wherever you choose to land.  A decent chunk of the workforce is presented with something new… a choice.

Make your getaway your everyday

Why do people love a weekend away?  There must be something about their surroundings that makes them happy.

So could you live where you weekend?

My mom was telling me the other day that real estate in my hometown is thriving.  Orange, Virginia is where I was raised, more specifically a smaller town outside of Orange called Somerset, aka ‘the morning side of the Blue Ridge’.

Orange is the quintessential Virginia town, rolling hills, wineries, the cutest little main street, mom and pop shops, horse farms, rich in history with the mountains on the horizon.  The whole area has become a destination, an easy escape from Northern Virginia.  What was once a getaway is now a realistic candidate for everyday living.

Destined for…

A destination is often used to describe where you vacation.  But by definition, a destination is where you intend to end up.  I guess it’s just a matter of how long you intend to stay… could be a week, could be forever.

Arlington Place is a waterfront community located in Pamlico County, NC near the town of Minnesott Beach.People come from all over to visit our area and escape to the coast.  Some feel the same about Pamlico County as I feel about cities… fun to visit, but not really a fit for everyday.

Though not for everyone, what we do offer in spades is room to spread out where you don’t have to choose between lifestyle and peace of mind.  And given recent events, peace of mind seems to be a growing wish list item for people looking to relocate.

With many freedoms compromised this year, choosing where and how you want to live is one of the few freedoms that has actually been given.  For us and many, it’s a place where you can live outside four walls, and take life’s moments off hold.

The coast, mountains, and small towns all over the country have an undeniable newfound appeal.  Whether you end up as our neighbor or if the road takes you elsewhere, I hope you are or end up somewhere that you love.

oriental panoramic
Arlington Place blog author Becca Lang. Story by Becca Lang

Hey there, I’m Becca. I live and work in Arlington Place with my husband Blair and kids Evie (12) and Keegan (9)... oh and our fur babies Gus (13) and Hank (3). We’re lucky to live in such a unique place and do our best to make the most of what our little slice of heaven has to offer.