What comes to mind when you think of Coastal Carolina?  Life on the water, rocking chairs on the front porch, quaint historical towns…..also perhaps low land, hurricanes, flooding.  The old saying rings true, You can’t have your cake and eat it too….or can you?  Most of the year, Coastal Carolinians enjoy a relaxed outdoor lifestyle with the sun shining and gentle breezes.  Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season….tourists have cleared out, most days are in the upper 70s and the water is still warm.  But for those who don’t live here, all you hear are the dreaded hurricane reports.  I was thinking about this as I watched Al Roker report on Earl from my favorite beach this morning on the Outer Banks…..no wonder our area has a negative connotation when September rolls around.  It’s true, we do get storms every now and then but most are just threats….the bark is worse than the bite.

Everyone wants to be reassured that their families and their homes will be safe…rightfully so.  This peace of mind is one of many things that sets Arlington Place apart from the crowd.  Our land elevations average 25 feet ABOVE SEA LEVEL….extremely rare for the Carolina Coast.  Arlington Place is perfectly situated on a high bluff which makes for incredible views, great drainage, NO FLOOD INSURANCE and that ever important peace of mind.  I think September should officially be named ‘Elevation Appreciation Month’ on the coast.