The unofficial start to summer is here and you know what that means? It’s time to start experiencing down east cuisine at its finest!

Fresh crabs from the water complimented with sweet corn, watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes and greens from the garden… these are the things memories are made of.

It’s no secret the AP Crew are fans of summertime, especially when it comes to food and fun outside.

So serve up some sweet tea and kick back with us as we cherish some of those memories and what its like to experience summer in the south.

Time Outside

One of the best parts about summertime is unplugging and getting away from it all.

That’s all but impossible for many in our digitally connected world but AP can offer the best of both worlds.

Read about unplugging without disconnecting in this article by Heather Brewer.

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Time with Family & Friends

Keegan enjoying Blue Crab from the Neuse River in our backyard.

For many folks summertime means vacation time!

AP makes for a great base camp whether you’re planning for an extended adventure or a weekend getaway.

Read about a girls weekend getaway in our three article series by local author Heather Brewer.

Article 1: The Arrival

kayak on Mill Creek

Article 2: The Realization

Article 3: The Connection


AP is in the middle of summer camp country, sandwiched between two of the largest sailing camps in the US, Camps Seagull and Seafarer. For thousands of kids summertime is all about putting school in the rearview and shifting their excitement to endless adventures on the river in Pamlico County.

Read more about local camps in this article.

Crabs & Crabbing

Read our Fried Softshell Crab Post here.

Crab Sildeshow

  • ap-summer-2022-28
  • ap-summer-2022-29
  • ap-summer-2022-27
  • ap-summer-2022-26
  • ap-summer-2022-25
  • ap-summer-2022-24
  • ap-summer-2022-23
  • ap-summer-2022-22
  • ap-summer-2022-21
  • ap-summer-2022-20
  • ap-summer-2022-19
  • ap-summer-2022-18
  • ap-summer-2022-17
  • ap-summer-2022-16
  • ap-summer-2022-14
  • ap-summer-2022-15
  • ap-summer-2022-13
  • ap-summer-2022-12
  • ap-summer-2022-11
  • ap-summer-2022-7
  • ap-summer-2022-10
  • ap-summer-2022-9
  • ap-summer-2022-6
  • ap-summer-2022-8
  • ap-summer-2022-5
  • ap-summer-2022-4
  • ap-summer-2022-2
  • ap-summer-2022-3
  • ap-summer-2022

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Gardening image gallery

Garden Slideshow

  • Peach <em>Prunus persica</em>
  • Highbush blueberry <em>Vaccinium corymbosum</em>
  • Carolina Jasmine <em>Gelsemium sempervirens</em>
  • Cabbage <em>Brassica oleracea</em>
  • Spearmint <em>Mentha spicata</em>
  • Coriander <em>Coriandrum sativum</em>
  • Oregano <em>Origanum vulgare</em>
  • Parsley <em>Petroselinum crispum</em>
  • Wildflowers blooming in landscaped beds and containers inside AP.
  • Vegetable garden at Arlington Place
  • Tulips blooming in a yard at AP
  • Japanese maple <em>Acer palmatum</em>
  • Aphrodite's phalaenopsis <em>Phalaenopsis aphrodite</em>
  • ap-garden-blog-19
  • Bitter orange <em>Citrus aurantium</em>
  • Dog rose <em>Rosa canina</em>
  • Orchid canna <em>Canna orchioides</em>
  • Southern Indian azalea <em>Rhododendron indicum</em>
  • Callerypear <em>Pyrus calleryana</em>
  • Fresh Tomatoes at Paul's Produce Stand
  • Fresh peaches at Paul's Produce Stand

Fish & Fishing

Pamlico County fisherman carrying on local traditions.

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Fishing around AP photo gallery

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