Sure we love our houses, but living in AP means having a lifestyle that flows beyond 4 walls.

SUP on Mill Creek

One of our favorite things about life on the Carolina coast is the shoulder seasons.  The months of March, April, October, and November where us Carolinians are enjoying what have deemed “porch weather”.

No time of year is more welcome than those first days in the mid-70s that dot our spring calendar… I do suppose one could argue that the first days in the mid-70s on the fall calendar are equally as welcome. After a spending a few months semi-housebound, springtime arrives and brings with it a renewed sense of spirit.  The chill of winter is in our rearview and we have a ways to go until the dog days of summer.  So whatever your pleasure, now’s the time to take it outside.

Whether it’s trying something new or honing your craft, if it’s something you can do in or around AP, we’ve likely posted a blog about it.  If the longer days and sunshine haven’t inspired you to get outside, maybe one of these posts will.


Happy Hunting!

“Successful shelling is part luck and part timing.  You have to know where, and when, to look.  Some days you hit the jackpot and other days you get skunked, but that’s why they call it seeking, not finding.  The joy is in the seeking, finding is a bonus.”  Read the full post HERE


Like to Bike?

“Despite our lack of memorable climbs and epic descents, the visiting cyclist will inevitably arrive at the same conclusion as seasoned locals… the cycling in Pamlico County is a North Carolina hidden gem.”  Read the full post HERE


Nourish & Flourish 

“Many people had told me about the wonders of fresh veggies, that they barely resemble their store bought relatives, and boy were they right. One slice of a fresh Cherokee Purple plucked straight from the garden and I was converted. Bring on the maters!”  Read full post HERE


Leave the Chaos in your Wake

“Whether by motor, sail or manpower, when you’re surrounded by water you just want to be ON it or IN it.  I don’t think it’s a secret that most of us are here because of the water, and the lifestyle it pretty much forces on you… in a good way.”  Read the full post HERE


Island Life

“the neatest thing is the wild horses, a herd of about 100 sun-kissed Banker ponies.  Actually, we’ve never been and not seen a horse, and from our experience they’re quite friendly.  The island is undeveloped and perfect just the way it is.”  Read the full post HERE


Try-On New Bern

With 300 years of history, this charming waterfront town has something for everyone.  “It’s an easy 22.3 miles up Hwy. 55 or about a 30 minute ride if you’d prefer to travel by power boat. Either way, once you arrive, you’ll want to make some time to walk around and explore the rich cultural heritage embedded in every block of the central business district.”  Read the full post HERE

Now are you ready for a little sunshine therapy?!?  Today my windows open, there’s a light breeze off the Neuse, and all I can hear are the birds. the clinking masts across the creek at Camp Seafarer, and distant cheering from an ECU baseball game on our porch TV.  So why am I inside at my computer writing this blog?  Good question… it’s quitting time✌

the outdoors are calling, and I must go

Arlington Place blog author Becca Lang. Story by Becca Lang

Hey there, I’m Becca. I live and work in Arlington Place with my husband Blair and kids Evie (13) and Keegan (11)... oh and our fur babies Gus (14) and Hank (4). We’re lucky to live in such a unique place and do our best to make the most of what our little slice of heaven has to offer.