IMG_20150702_095411820Welcome, welcome Julie & Nate Vogt  who are the proud new owners of the “35 North” Cottage!  This is one of the Outfitter’s cottages, new for summer 2015, and I think it’s safe to say that they are pretty darn pleased with how it turned out and with the constant rental bookings that they’ve had already!  Want to be Julie & Nate’s neighbor?  Check out their twin sister, the “Brackish” Cottage available NOW for sale, just $169K!

Also, a big welcome to Ronnie Rigsbee & Shelia Salmon, new owners of homesite 156.  We’ve already had a sneak peak at their super cool house plans and are excited to eventually have them as neighbors!  Want to be Ronnie & Shelia’s neighbor?  Ask us about our new listing for homesite 157 for just $26K!  |  |  800-967-7639