Bill and Cathy Cresswell moved into 18 Sassafrass Loop in Arlington Place last year with their 4, four legged, furry friends and they’ve settled in nicely. ┬áSounds like they’re just as happy to be here as we are to have them as neighbors! Here’s what they wrote for our testimonial page.

The Cresswell Residence located at 18 Sassafras Loop.

We had fallen in love with the Oriental area long ago, and knew it was our in our retirement plans. We lived for 7-1/2 years in the northern part of the county, on the south shore of the Bay River. It was beautiful, it was a wonderful neighborhood, and it had an elevation of just over 8 feet! Hurricane Irene “gently” told us that we needed to think about moving to higher ground, and when a surprise opportunity to sell our house presented itself, we listened to Irene’s message! Some things are just meant to be.

Happy AP residents Bill & Cathy Cresswell.

Since moving to Arlington Place in 2013, we have no worries about which way the wind blows (the Pamlico Sound’s
wind-driven tides used to dictate our lives!). We have found AP to be the perfect community. We can walk or bike for miles without a lot of car traffic. The amenities are fabulous, and the best part is that we have met such wonderful new friends while still maintaining our old activities and friends from all around Pamlico County.

The best advice we can give to newcomers to the Pamlico County area is to consult an elevation map! Flood zones show you that the best place is in the Minnesott Beach area, and in our opinion, the VERY BEST of Minnesott is Arlington Place!