New Bern is a modern-historic town that people have been falling in love with for 300 years….and counting.  The unique blend of old & new with the combo of low cost of living & high quality of life is making more and more people want to call our area home.  Craving a little more sitting on your porch and a little less sitting in traffic? You might be overdue for a visit to both New Bern and Arlington Place. These shots from paint the picture better than words…


What will be your WHY?  The water, the weather, bang-for-your-buck homes, Southern charm, low taxes, welcoming neighbors, culture & history, year round events, curb appeal?  Pick one….pick a few….heck, pick them all!

While you’re visiting, stay in one of our Outfitter’s Cottage, we have 5 to choose from on AirBnB, just CLICK HERE!  Arlington Place is in between New Bern (25 miles) and Oriental (10 miles), so you can visit both towns while you’re in town.  And fall is the BEST time to visit Coastal Carolina…..hope to see you soon!  #LoveWhereYouLive