New Bern’s BACK Baby!

Downtown New Bern, NC during Mumfest.

Hurricane Florence rocked our beloved New Bern just a few weeks ago, and last night DAN + SHAY rocked downtown, kicking off the 37th annual Mumfest!  Following in Oriental’s footsteps, (Oriental hosted the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival last weekend) New Bernians decided that THE SHOW MUST GO ON.  And even though hurricane Michael made for quite a breezy set up, Mother Nature rewarded their efforts with a perfect 70 degree fall weekend.

New Bern, NC weather forecast

Mumfest Kicks Rebuilding into High Gear


Locals having fun at Mumfest in downtown New Bern, NC.

As 100,000+ locals and weekend warriors descend on our historic coastal town for the festivities, you can’t help but get the feeling that this year’s Mumfest has a special meaning.  It marks a grand re-opening of sorts for a 300 year old town that is undoubtedly full of resiliency, determination and just the best darn people.  A true-to-the-core community that is officially BACK and ready for the challenge of rebuilding and restoring their vibrant little town to all of it’s former glory.  Good for you New Bern, good for you.

Arlington Place blog author Becca Lang.
Story by Becca Lang

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